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Cruise Control Diet Review

cruise control diet plan

Many of us fail the diet programs we attempt because they’re just too strict. Although the rules may be in place for a reason, we’re only human and we all fail sometimes. This is where the Cruise Control Diet comes in – it promises not to be too strict and to allow you some cheat days where you can still eat your favorite foods. But is it worth trying?

Key Features of Cruise Control Diet

The main premise behind the Cruise Control Diet is that natural foods will help you burn fat. This is why it advocates a diet based mainly around eating whole foods, but without too many other strict rules.

There are three phases to the Cruise Control Diet:

  • The Metabolic Reset Phase: This is the strictest part of the program, and it’s designed that way to help get your metabolism back on track and to rebuild your body’s natural hunger instinct so that you can trust that instead of relying on counting calories etc.
  • The Cruise Control Phase: This is where you can enjoy a few cheat meals.
  • The Rapid Fat Burning Phases: This is where you start to notice the fat coming off, and you feel more energized as a result.
The program makers claim that you will lose at least 30 pounds in the next 8 weeks, and keep it off. Their promise is backed by a money back guarantee.

Advantages of Cruise Control Diet

The diet is easier to follow than some others thanks to the fact that it doesn’t feature too many strict rules. There are basic ideas to follow, but the main ones are to follow your body in terms of how much it needs to eat, and to
cruise control natural food dietstick mainly to whole foods. Not having strict rules means you won’t be depriving yourself too much, so will be less likely to fail.

The nature of the diet also makes it easier to follow, and the Metabolic Reset Phase is a good way to break you out of bad habits from the get go. The whole diet is sustainable in the long term, which many trending diets simply aren’t.

Drawbacks of Cruise Control Diet

Some of the testimonials on the Cruise Control Diet page sound a bit too good to be true. There are mentions of “effortless”, which is not really possible if you’re going to lose weight in a way you can sustain for the long term. That said, many diet programs are guilty of the same sort of language.

Another problem is the fact that this program is mainly about diet with little to no mention of exercise. This is fine in itself, but it’s important to realize that exercise is a crucial part of the weight loss journey. Some have also complained that the author can ramble a bit, which leads to some filler content.

My Evaluation and Suggestion To You

This is a great diet plan to use with Capsiplex. Some of the diet plans I review are more or less suitable for combining with Capsiplex as a way to boost your results and achieve your goals more rapidly. While the emphasis is on adding natural whole foods to your diet, if they also added a little more encouragement to exercise simply and regularly, they would be saying what I’m saying! This sort of plan flat-out works if you follow it.